Reporting, Analysis & Strategy

For situation analysis, IDEMA gathers meaningful information from internal and external sources to satisfy the needs of the project. Extensive literature research, investigating the societal and environmental impact, researching government policies and programs, investigating the sociocultural and economic structure of the company or region are just some of the aspects of the large-scale research.

IDEMA utilizes its experts and field experience to perform a thorough situation analysis for sectors and companies. Participative and goal-oriented approach to the situation assessment set IDEMA apart.

Social impact analysis is critical for unveiling organizations’ current effects, supporting positive social change and proactive planning. These analyses are multilayered, consisting of parts such as existing social structure of the region, the future impact on the social structure as well as projects, decisions, laws and investments to urban areas, regions and individuals.

With its expertise in socioeconomic development, IDEMA analyzes the situation to forecast societal transformation. Working to assess the economic, social, environmental and politic impacts of the decisions to the cities, regions and individuals, possible scenarios are detected and analyzed to test the suitability and feasibility of the decisions.

Investments and project implementations need to be assessed for their social, environmental and political returns as well as their economic ones both for the society and the investor. IDEMA offers to satisfy this need by assessing social return on investment (SROI) of works done by private, public and nonprofit enterprises.

By SROI analysis, social, environmental and political impacts on the stakeholders are measured by their monetary value. The analysis can scope the whole organization as well as a particular investment or activity. All social, environmental and political value created by business activities can be assessed as well as a particular investment

IDEMA’s social return on investment analysis is in compliance with International Social Return on Investment Network standards.

IDEMA offers services such as data collection, data analysis, operation planning and management, feedback and reporting throughout the project lifecycle.

The operation plan of this service is built in consistency with the methodology of the project itself and its plan in order to increase effectiveness and sustainability of the operations by presenting periodic reports.

IDEMA supports the conscious decision making for their social investments of its strategic partners by providing analysis and reports. These reports target to identify the current constraints and resources on the area and herald solutions for the problems stemming from these to maximize public utility.

IDEMA nourishes these solutions by offering services such as but not limited to Innovative and Sustainable Strategies, Programmed Project Operations, Project and Business Development, Vision Development and Strategic Planning.