Refugees to have their own team at Rio 2016



Hosting more than 200 countries since first organized in 1896, Summer and Winter Olympics has been the hub for many records and achievements. This august, Olympics organized in Rio de Janerio, Brazil will host one more historical ‘country’.

Last week, International Olympic Committee announced “Refugee Olympic Athletes team”, a team of 10 refugees racing together. The team consists of 2 swimmers from Syria, 2 judokas from Democratic Republic of Congo, 1 marathon runner from Ethiopia and 5 runners from South Sudan.

Filippo Grandi, 11th United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has stated that: “Their participation in the Olympics is a tribute to the courage and perseverance of all refugees in overcoming adversity and building a better future for themselves and their families. UNHCR stands with them and with all refugees”

A video and an autobiography of each team member can be found on the official website of UNHCR.