Mutlu Akü: Reaching Lives Through Energy Project

The key activities of the project that designed for Mutlu Akü are as follows:

Establishment of Emergency Power Systems with renewable energy focus in public service facilities and buildings in provinces where power failures happen intensively throughout the year.
Developing community awareness on the use of sustainable energy systems as an alternative source of emergency power.
Organizing an "Alternative Solutions for Emergency Power Systems" workshops with participation of governmental, private sector and civil society actors for twice.
Social Impact Report

The project will be based on pilot public building & determined communities from 4 provinces: Artvin, Denizli, Erzurum, and Gaziantep.

In addition to the establishment of emergency power systems that are store energy from solar energy, the "Energy Fairs" will be organized in these provinces.

Project Identification

Proje Year 2018
Proje Status Continues
IDEMA's Role in the Project Project Manager

Project Partners

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