Needsmap is a non-profit map-based interactive humanitarian platform where people in need and people who want to help meet through a system of non-monetary contributions.

The platform enables users to enter their basic material needs based on their location, visualizes this data and matches those needs with individual or institutional supporters.

Needsmap works with thousands of volunteers from all over Turkey in the process of identifying needs and reach of support to meet those needs. Needsmap currently has 65,000 users and 600,000 pieces of materials with a worth of 5 million USD has been sent to people in need by the individual and institutional supporters. Up to now, Needsmap has partnered with leading brands from different sectors such as Akbank, Unilever, TLC Discovery, Hürriyet in projects that covered 7 different regions of Turkey.

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Proje Year 2015
Proje Status Continues
IDEMA's Role in the Project Project Partner

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