Community of Practice- Teacher’s Portal

IDEMA has partnered with Google UK in 2017 to develop an Online Community of Practice Portal for CS Teachers to create a community and an interactive environment for Turkish CS teachers. The main objective of the [email protected] Teachers Portal is to create a fair discussion environment and an active online network for CS teachers. Portal enables them to participate in online discussions and experience sharing sessions, download/upload education materials and create related events on the online calendar.

Portal also nurtures the community with Google’s localized education content such as Computational Thinking and Digital Citizenship and Security Certificate Programs. Through the online portal, IDEMA organizes national, regional or provincial events, talks and community gatherings to expand the CS community in Turkey. The online portal can be accessed from The portal currently has 2000 active members.

Project Identification

Proje Year 2017
Proje Status Continues
IDEMA's Role in the Project Project Partner

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