L.I.F.E Program Announcement


L.I.F.E (Livelihoods Innovation through Food Entrepreneurship ) program aims to develop mutually beneficial sustainable livelihoods for refugees, communities under temporary protection, and people from Turkey. In the program aims are,

– The creation of livelihood business development services for food entrepreneurship to refugees, communities under temporary protection, and people from Turkey.

-The development of livelihoods through the design, establishment and improvement of innovative businesses in the food sector.

– The development of innovative food entrepreneurship and support for new job creations by developing technical capacity for the food industry for vulnerable groups.

L.I.F.E program, which is a two year project, aims to create an environment to live in with peace and to create a common future by acting in common tastes in food cultures.

What are the components of the L.I.F.E Program?

The L.I.F.E Program, which will be run in Istanbul, consists of four main components: incubation support, workforce development trainings, gastro-diplomacy activities and cookbook creating.

a-) L.I.F.E Food Enterprise Center

Within the scope of the program, two Food Enterprise Centres specialising in food entrepreneurship fields will be established in Istanbul. The food enterprise centre which will operate for entrepreneurs who want to establish a business in the food sector will provide incubation support for co-working space and  a test kitchen area  for the beneficiaries.

In incubation support, which will last 4 months for each cadre, the entrepreneurs will benefit from the following support services specifically designed for the food industry.

– Use of common workspace and test kitchens,

– Entrepreneurship trainings and mentorship support,

– Networking, business planning, registration and guidance on legal processes,

– Access to finance, logistics and enterprise support.

Among the entrepreneurs included in the incubation program, entrepreneurs who are most promising will be rewarded with financial support after the “Business Plan Competition” at the end of each cadre, and they will have the chance to realize their business ideas. At total, 24 entrepreneurs will be supported financially (core financing / seed financing).

Note: Entrepreneurship trainings will be held from Monday to Wednesday from 13.00 to 15.30

b-) Workforce Development Trainings:

Improving the skills of vulnerable groups through skilled specialization and technical training and improving the workforce for the food sector are among the priorities of the program. In this purpose, specialist and technical trainings will be organized within the Food Enterprise Centers established in Istanbul to respond to the qualified workforce demands of the local food sector. Within the scope of the training programs, it is aimed to develop the individual skills and capacities of 400 persons who are looking for jobs in the food sector, and also providing qualified workforce to food sector.

Beneficiaries in workforce development training will benefit from workplace search assistance that includes trainings on job search, current job placement programs, job matching, and resume-interview techniques. Active involvement in the workforce of participants who have successfully completed workforce development trainings will be supported by project partners by including them in the network created for program graduates.

Note: Workforce development trainings will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 19.00 and 21.30

c-) Gastro-diplomacy Activities and Cookbook:

During the program, once in two months, Gastro diplomacy activities will be organized to increase cross culture interaction, and to promote exchange of food culture between communities under temporary protection and the host community. The program’s success will be celebrated by compiling the recipes developed by the participants during the program and creating a cookbook that reflects the richness of different culinary cultures.

What makes L.I.F.E different?

L.I.F.E Project is designed specifically for food entrepreneurship targets refugees, communities under temporary protection, and the host community. Program beneficiaries will have the opportunity to explore, test and see their business ideas through training, collaborative workspace and test kitchen services; they will also develop the individual skills needed to establish and manage a new business. Through the business plan competition to be held at the end of each cadre, entrepreneurs will have access to core funding support to transform business ideas into reality.

Job seekers in the food industry will have the opportunity to develop individual and technical capacities through qualified specialist and technical trainings and will benefit from job search and job matching assistance. In addition, the program will bring together the common tastes and enable participants to explore and experience different culinary cultures.

How to apply for the program?

The L.I.F.E program is implemented in Istanbul. It is open to individuals from communities under temporary protection, refugees and Turkish community.

Women’s participation in the program is given priority.

The activities to be organised  in Turkish and Arabic.

Applications can be done in Turkish – Arabic – English languages at addresses :