IDEMA and Mert Fırat has launched Needs Map!


Mert Fırat and IDEMA has launched in 2015 to create a cooperative that bridges those in need with those who want to help them. Mert Fırat has introduced the project in UNDP Regional Bureau’s Social Good Summit in 7th of October 2015.

Needs Map is a digital platform where the needs and supports can be mapped in order for the providers and needers to find each other. It aims to create a systematic collective work network.

Mert Fırat has stated the importance of the project with the following words: “Wherever they are located, the locals are the ones who know what they need the best. Social responsibility calls for all organizations and the public to work together to satisfy these needs”.

What can you do on ?

State need: You can state all kinds of nonfinancial needs (education, health, transportation) in your local neighborhood. The network is only available in Turkey for now.

Support need: Those who are willing to help can fill out forms on what they want to help with, with the address information.

Volunteer: Those who are willing to volunteer in ongoing projects and supporting processes can volunteer from the website.

Mert Fırat has stressed that he has supported such a project to ensure humanitarian development to be spread on an equal basis, and make sure the resources are used effectively and efficiently, especially in a time where the need for humanitarian aid has increased considerably.