Education Design

IDEMA’s team of  Education Programs works to actualize company’s CSR strategies by analyzing existing plans to nourish them further. IDEMA acknowledges the complex nature of the multi-actor projects, and hence, works together with the company to prepare a sustainable agenda to find suitable stakeholders, ensuring their involvement and develop strategies further.

For all projects, a pilot program is run and the pilot run is meticulously reported and analyzed to detect and eliminate possible challenges to ensure feasibility of the full-scale project. The operations IDEMA offers its strategic partners contain suitable training for the field workers, follow-ups of the field applications and reportings.

IDEMA believes a strong education program must be developed or adapted to a strong team of experts and specialists to ensure its suitability to the needs and the scope of the program. The teams consist of experts and specialists in the areas of education, education design and academic counselors that are suitable for the area and scope of the project.

The printed, digital or application content and materials are tailor-made for the area of use and the target group. IDEMA focuses on building content and material that can facilitate lasting effect, is sustainable, capitalizes contemporary education technology and is suitable for formal education applications.

IDEMA believes a strong education program must be supported by strong materials. Education development processes of IDEMA involves designing print and digital periodical and non-periodical publications for the children and the youth and the content development.

The publications are prepared by expert teams and illustrators to ensure compatibility to the target group. Books, guides, magazines, leaflets and digital applications are among the spectrum of various publication types available.

To ensure the continuous development process, IDEMA develops strategies to measure impact, effectiveness, outcomes and performance. Custom methodologies and techniques are utilized to gather data to be analyzed in reports prepared by experts.