Corporate Social Responsibility

IDEMA believes the key to successful corporate social responsibility projects is their alignments with business processes. IDEMA offers Corporate Social Responsibility Situation Analysis to investigate company’s standing on this aspect.

Corporate Social Responsibility Situation Analysis consists of analyzing all direct and indirect business processes in the company’s business environment to detect existing social responsibility activities. All internal and external activities are scanned to detect all activities that are consistent with international CSR standards such as but not limited to charity, volunteering, donations and supports. These processes yield to all existing CSR activities present along with company’s potential in the area.

CSR Strategy is planned as a joint service with CSR Situation Analysis. CSR Strategy involves the development of a CSR strategy that is compatible with existing social responsibility work and company goals.

Under this service, a short but strong CSR strategy training and a teleconference with various departments are executed to introduce a multiyear CSR strategy in a form to be shared with the public and the stakeholders.

Companies have been increasingly involving CSR to their business operations. To do so, companies have been using international standards and contracts such as Human Rights in Business, ISO 26000, UN Global Compact, OECD CSR Principles to blend these with their own strategies.

To help companies become more informative and accountable towards the public and their stakeholders, IDEMA draws up Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Reports. The reports provide an objective assessment of the company on the criterion stated above.

IDEMA has developed and managed many social responsibility projects for the youth, women, disabled, natural disasters and environment as well as developing and managing collaborations between private, public and non-profit sector to work together for areas such as but not limited to entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and education.

Effective and successful CSR projects have to be parallel to companies’ field of operation, company strategies as well as national and global development strategies.
Since 2001 IDEMA has been managing fruitful and development-oriented social responsibility projects in Turkey and other developing countries owing to its expertise on field work, project management, organization, activity management and technology and ground-breaking approaches. IDEMA uses its current expertise in the area to offer an integrated service of developing, managing and reporting of CSR projects that are parallel to company’s needs and strategies.